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LAPIS EXILIS – Denial of all existence ?

Denial of all existence? All that has happened is senseless and in vain?
I would like to introduce for this new Solar Lodge issue beside our label bands the artist Lapis Exilis and his music and art. He joined the Solar Lodge convention in September 2019 and performed new songs from his current album “Nihil” which was self-published in August 2019.

Lapis Exilis, before I will ask you about your music: when dealing with you and your person there is fast a distinct impression. A multitalented guy. Ambitious, in-depth and ambitious. What are your sources, which “art career” can you briefly describe to us? Lapis Exilis: I just don’t let my lack of skill, experience or proper equipment Keep me from doing something when entering new territory, even though initial results might be terrible and usually are. With time and experimentation, results get better. There are a handful of people whose honest opinions I value very much and who are patient enough to take a look at my stuff from time to time. And there’s the net with lots of useful info, tutorials and inspiration to read and watch. So basically I try things and see if it works for me.
I’m not overly ambitious though. At least not anymore. I’m doing this thing, let’s call it art. If it takes me somewhere without having to compromise too much, that’s great, but I’m content either way.

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