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Your Life On Hold

YOUR LIFE ON HOLD – „Echoes from the Bardo”

Many things, emotions, events, states of mind inspire us. Often these are the inspirations that we unconsciously experience at first through pictures, words, or encounters and that later return to our memories and thoughts and leave something lasting behind. Such as the question during an earthly life: “Why do we even love when we know that everything has to end?”

Jan, congratulations to your new fulltime album “Echoes from the Bardo”! You named it with: “the most personal record to date”. Please allow me to start with one last thought of your latest words in the last Solar Lodge interview in summer. “When making music, new ideas also spontaneously pop up. It all pretty much comes together while working on the songs. It’s like the pieces were already there, but at some point, you start seeing the general images of the puzzle.” Is the puzzle complete for your new album? Yeah, pretty much. It really feels good overlooking the whole project now. It all makes sense to me: the songs, the lyrics, the concept and the artwork. I never felt that complete finishing an album in fact. Now I hope people will like it as well, and I hope they will resonate with the underlying concept of the album. A funny thing though, once the puzzle is completed, the pieces start to change again and take new shapes. The perspective changes and gives me, even while being the writer of the puzzle, an exotic feeling.

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Ausnahmezustand Corona – ein Bericht der Solar Lodge Bands nach 100 Tagen

Die Auswirkungen des Corona Virus hat die Musikbranche hart getroffen. Konzerte und Festivals wurden abgesagt und eine Aussicht auf Besserung ist nicht in Sicht, düstere Zeiten für Kreative. Welche Auswirkungen hat das auf unsere Bands, haben wir uns gefragt. Wie gehen sie damit um? Welche Pläne gibt es dem entgegenzuwirken? Und setzt die freigewordene Zeit vielleicht sogar Energien frei, um an neuen Songs und Alben zu arbeiten? Jawa Seth fragt nach…

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Your Life On Hold – Videointerview

Your Life On Hold – Bruised

Your Life On Hold – Interview

Since 2017 Your Life On Hold is based at Solar Lodge Label. First please tell us, how did the collaboration with this label come about?

John Wulf: I remember when I started making gothic rock music, which happened rather spontaneously while experimenting with guitar sounds in the studio, that at some point things were turning seriously. I felt I was working on something special and strong. So I really wanted a good label that could fit the philosophy and perspectives that I had in mind for the project. Solar Lodge, being my favourite gothic rock label, was in fact the first label I mailed. I was happy to receive positive feedback quite quickly. And the rest, well, the rest is history.

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