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Solar Lodge Convention

CONVENTION III: all hail to the Lodge!

An extraordinary event of Berlin Based Record Label Solar Lodge Edition No3. This was organised for the 2nd time in Bochum (1st time in Nov. 2018). Bochum is the perfect location for people coming from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. After a 3,5h drive we arrived at Kulturzentrum Bahnhof-Langendreer at 18.00. In a local ‚kino cafe‘ next to the venue, we met other Convention participants. Together, we looked forward to what was to come…

The doors opened at 19.00. What immediately caught my eye was a large banner of one of the typical Merciful Nuns Giants. The merchandise stand was located next to the stage, there was something for everyone. A perfect opportunity to complete your collection with hoodies, t-shirts, albums of the Solar Lodge bands but also side-projects of the band members. Here was your chance, don’t say you didn’t know it. The venue was fantastic. The audience could stand close to the stage and this was of course the charm of a club concert. Quite a contrast to Sinner’s Day Summer last week. An indoor concert made it a bit more intimate. Familiar faces from the Nunhood and making contact is always nice. There was plenty of opportunity for networking. Meanwhile, the crew was busy getting everything ready as the first performance started at 19.45.

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Review Convention II

Introduction :

Summer festival season is over but there’s still an important event on my list: The Convention. This year it’s organised with several other bands at the Kulttempel in Oberhausen. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Lapis Exilis and The Devil & The Universe.
Around 10 am we leave to Oberhausen after picking up a friend at the station. We’ll be at the meeting point in time (4.30 pm, Im Centro). It’s always great to have a few drinks in advance with the Nunhood, before leaving all together to the venue.
For many of us, this is the first time we are seeing the N.E.O.s Artificial Intelligence broadcast.
We arrive at the venue at 7.15 pm and we hear soundscapes from Artaud Seth. The soundscapes put us in the right mood. I hear pieces of N.E.O. and A-U-M. This brings me to Frater Fidens. I’m pleased to be with him again in thoughts (rest in piece my friend). We continue talking with friends and take a look at the merchandising.

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