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The Devil And The Universe

Ausnahmezustand Corona – ein Bericht der Solar Lodge Bands nach 100 Tagen

Die Auswirkungen des Corona Virus hat die Musikbranche hart getroffen. Konzerte und Festivals wurden abgesagt und eine Aussicht auf Besserung ist nicht in Sicht, düstere Zeiten für Kreative. Welche Auswirkungen hat das auf unsere Bands, haben wir uns gefragt. Wie gehen sie damit um? Welche Pläne gibt es dem entgegenzuwirken? Und setzt die freigewordene Zeit vielleicht sogar Energien frei, um an neuen Songs und Alben zu arbeiten? Jawa Seth fragt nach…

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THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE – Altamont Apocalypse

Review Convention II

Introduction :

Summer festival season is over but there’s still an important event on my list: The Convention. This year it’s organised with several other bands at the Kulttempel in Oberhausen. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Lapis Exilis and The Devil & The Universe.
Around 10 am we leave to Oberhausen after picking up a friend at the station. We’ll be at the meeting point in time (4.30 pm, Im Centro). It’s always great to have a few drinks in advance with the Nunhood, before leaving all together to the venue.
For many of us, this is the first time we are seeing the N.E.O.s Artificial Intelligence broadcast.
We arrive at the venue at 7.15 pm and we hear soundscapes from Artaud Seth. The soundscapes put us in the right mood. I hear pieces of N.E.O. and A-U-M. This brings me to Frater Fidens. I’m pleased to be with him again in thoughts (rest in piece my friend). We continue talking with friends and take a look at the merchandising.

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Review Castle Party 2019

We are heading for a true adventure: we are visiting the Castle Party Festival in Poland. The reason for this visit is the fact that 5 bands from Solar Lodge label are performing there.

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An extraordinary convention of Berlin based Label SOLAR LODGE!

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